Egypt, Giza November 2012

We live in exceptional times...

This message has been conveyed in oral ancient traditions by prophets and entities from other dimensions.

The year is 2018. We have pased the threshold of 2012. The year proclaimed by the famous Mayan Calendar and many visionaries and spiritual channels.  The breakthrough year for our civilization and for the evolution of human consciousness. 

We look around searching for signs to find any proof that the changes have already started and maybe we are disappointed to find that everything seems to be the same. Many of the predicted for Earth and humanity tragic scenario has not worked. Possibly it means we as a humanity, have more time to develop our consciousness and the coming changes will be for us less drastic and painfull.                                              

In fact, year 2012 is not the end but a nodal point the changes.        

So what is changing? For the logical mind and ego little changes, especially changes occur in our hearts and consciousness. Subtly, we now start to live in higher vibrations, in vibrations of the Energy of Love. However, to be able to absorb this energy, we have to make space for it. We have to rid of all that that does not harmonise with it: fears and aggression, hatred and violence, cynicism and hypocrisy.

What has been hidden so far under the cover of "truth" and "love" will be tested and will show its true self. Old political, social, financial and religious structures, which resent change, will transform or collapse. We are witnessing the collapse of the systems, which for hundreds of years  benefited only a narrow group of people on Earth. The resistance of these structures is now very strong but  they will fall apart just like the Soviet Union and the Berlin Wall, which collapsed when you least expected it.

This is already happening and might look like chaos. But do not all big clean-ups start with sweeping all garbage to the middle? Let us be patient, aware and mindful the seen changes.

As species and as individuals we will see our dark side as though in a distorting mirror, in human behaviour, in difficult situations. We should remember that everything we judge and criticize in others exists also within ourselves. It may be deeply hidden or unconscious, but it is within us. What we fight with, what we condemn is always a part of us. It is enough to be honest with yourself to notice it inside, this would start the process of healing and transformation.

We do not see that we are living fast, faster and faster, according to the principle of "work, buy, multiply, and go to sleep" and have forgotten that we can live differently.Because of the benefits, money, loans, involvement in competition and struggle for survival, we live from day to day, forgetting about the spiritual aspect of our earthly existence. In a hurry so hard for us to find inner peace. Inner anxiety is deafened by shopping, stimulants, sex, tv, virtual reality. It helps for a short time and then again we need more, stronger and faster. And becouse everybody does it it's treated as a normal behavior. This is crazy. The fear of our being and livelihood of our families restricts our freedom of choice, and only a handful of people on Earth is aware what is happening.

In the desire for material possessions and money and the use of the attractions offered by our earthly reality there is nothing wrong with that, provided that no one at the same time does not hurt and it is not only our main goal. Otherwise, it becomes childish and immature. 

People who with a low self-esteem, feeling a lot of anxiety,are unstable emotionally,e.g.easily offended, irritated and get angry or depressed. Such people are particularly prone to manipulation from outside. It is easy to bring them out of balance. Just someone to do something wrong, anything wrong said or did or did not say and have already changed their good mood and disappears apparent calm.

As humanity, we are cleverly and invisibly manipulated< by forces that told us that we have to fight and compete with each other to survive. Once, long ago, mankind created on Earth stunning, highly developed and intelligent civilizations living in peace and harmony. After the fall of human consciousness, even in the times of Atlantis and then came the darkness, violence and hatred between human beings that continue to this day. Currently, humanity wakes up from a nightmare of forgetting and rediscovering ancient knowledge. Beautiful and smart Wladimir Megre books about Anastasia the visionary of the Siberian taiga closer to< that ancient knowledge. Watch also on You Tube: Darryl Anka talks on channeling BASHAR. "Full  Inter-dimensional Interview:Bashar...   and  Ancient Aliens: Secrets Of Antarctica Pyramids-Strangest UFO Stories...

Drawing self-worth, dignity and safety from the power of your heart is the greatest challenge of our times. The power drawn from your mind and ego which has created our civilisation within the last thousands of years gives way to the power of human heart as a seat of love. We are lucky to have the opportunity to create and witness the birth of new consciousness. This event we are presently taking part im, happens so fast and on such a scale, that is extremely rare in our universe. This is the reason why  Earth and huamanity are in a centre of interest of spiritual beings and other civilisations from other planets and dimensions. What happens here affects our galaxy and the Universe. We are so important!

On Earth,there is currently enormous acceleration of cosmic energy and the events that had no precedent in the history of the universe. We all take part in an amazing experiment whose outcome is still not known, though now many signs indicate that it< will be successful.I recommend to watch the material on this subject on< you tube " 1/6 Project Camelot Dolores< Cannon Convoluted Universe/

There are many different universes and realities on many different levels, as there is a great diversity of life and consciousness. We human beings live physically in Universe that God Creator Supreme Being established as a Zone of Free Will, where we learn how to use free will by making different choices, subject to karmic law of "cause and effect", depending on your level of consciousness. All incarnating into this reality beings expressed their willingners and consent of the type of collected experience and applicable laws and rules here. No matter now you remember it or not. Everyone taking part in the game players: both the forces of Darkness and Light Forces are subject to the same laws and rules. Influencing each other, follow the path of the evolution of Consciousness, the pursuit of enlightenment and return to the Source of Being.

The task forces of darkness is to show those places in ourselves where there is fear, and still there is no Light and Love. And somehow urging us, in more or less blunt way, to heal those areas, through experience, understanding, forgiveness, and compassion, which are necessary aspects of the change of indywidual, collective and kosmic Consciousness.

In order to live in higher vibrations we have to be able to resonate with them. We have to prepare our physical bodies, energy system and channels to receive this energy.

The time which is coming, is the time of cleansing for humanity and nobody will do this work for us. We are being supported but most of the work has to be done by us and there is no turning back.

This is why spiritual preparation for the changes is so important. While there is still time.

Those who resist change will be subject to it anyway. And the results they are going to feel will be much more painful and frustrating.

Some healing methods like yoga, breath work, meditations, massages, sound and light therapies, om healing, crystal healing, massages help us in reaching harmony between three aspects of our being: mind, body and soul.

Christopher Walendzik